The Grandeur v1.2.0 Lite Version KONTAKT

The Grandeur v1.2.0 Lite Version KONTAKT

The Grandeur v1.2.0 Lite Version KONTAKT

26 Nov 2020 | KONTAKT | 1 GB

This is a light version of the Native Instruments The Grandeur piano library. The instrument is based on a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. This library is probably one of the most versatile piano libraries out there. The sound is pristine and clear, and it sounds good across its entire dynamic range. Despite not having too much “character”, the strength of this library lies in its versatile sound. It can do a good job in an upfront Pop/Rock context, as well as in a Cinematic track.

The samples in the original release were in 24-bit 48kHz format. The samples were converted to 16-bit 44.1kHz and repacked into NKX containers. A null test results in a peak of -87dB, which won’t be audible at all. Also, after quite some testing, no issues were found with noise floor build-up when playing lots of notes. The conversion process takes the size down to 1.87GB from the original 4.9GB, which is a 63% reduction!

NOTE: You may need to batch resave the patches and point them to the sample folder location.Kontakt v5.8.0 or higher is required.

From the manual:

Thank you for purchasing THE GRANDEUR, a virtual instrument that replicates an exceptional Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano. We picked this Steinway D because of its extraordinarily assertive and bright timbre that develops a very clear and precise, thus expressive tone color even in piano and pianissimo while still delivering the sonorous full bass typical of a 2.70m (9ft) long Steinway D. With this tonal character it is perfectly appropriate not only for classical pieces, but especially for all kinds of pop music.

Sampled with 18 velocity zones, nine release samples per key and separate resonance and noise samples it features more than 2500 samples with a size of 14GB.
▪ Based on a Hamburg Steinway D Concert Grand Piano
▪ Over 2500 samples
▪ 18 velocity zones for an extraordinary dynamic range
▪ 9 release samples for each key
▪ Special resonance samples
▪ Halfpedal and Repedal
▪ Color control for easy variation of the timbre
▪ Real overtone samples
▪ Controllable piano noises like pedal, damper, string or hammer noises
▪ Lid Control simulating a virtual lid in three positions
▪ Compressor and Tape Saturation for pop piano sounds
▪ Depth Control for an enhanced resonant character
▪ Transients Control for adding attack or sustain
▪ Based on the Galaxy Pianos engine
▪ 14GB sample content (6.5GB compressed)

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