The Giant v1.2.0 Lite Version KONTAKT

The Giant v1.2.0 Lite Version KONTAKT

The Giant v1.2.0 Lite Version KONTAKT

26 Nov 2020 | KONTAKT | 900 MB

This is a light version of the Native Instruments The Giant piano library. The instrument is based on the Klavins Model 370. It’s the world’s biggest upright piano and sounds absolutely huge. The low end is huge but still really tight. Due to the sheer length of the strings, the lower keys sound much clearer and tighter than a traditional grand piano, which gives this piano a unique tone. This is probably one of the most unique sampled pianos out there!

The samples in the original release were in 24-bit 48kHz format. The samples were converted to 16-bit 44.1kHz and repacked into NKX containers. A null test results in a peak of -87dB, which won’t be audible at all. Also, after quite some testing, no issues were found with noise floor build-up when playing lots of notes. The conversion process takes the size down to 1.49GB from the original 4.5GB, which is a 67% reduction!

NOTE: You may need to batch resave the patches and point them to the sample folder location.Kontakt v5.8.0 or higher is required.

From the manual:

The Klavins Model 370 is an unique instrument with a one-of-a-kind sound: its sound board has twice the size of a concert grand of 2.75m, it weighs 2 metric tons, the longest string has a sounding length of just over 3m; the action is specially made for this instrument by the famous piano action manufacturer Renner in Stuttgart, Germany.

THE GIANT’s sound features a huge, but tight bass, a dynamic tonal range from very smooth and intimate to a crisp, almost Harpsichord like attack, an extraordinary tonal character, uniting the character of an upright piano with the body of a huge grand piano. This unique sound makes THE GIANT an ideal instrument in all kinds of expressive music.

Besides the real instrument, THE GIANT features a second KONTAKT instrument (*.nki file), delivering very special piano sounds followed by a unique convolution effect. The source sounds of this Cinematic instrument include:
▪ Overtones
▪ Resonances
▪ Plucked piano sounds
▪ Playable release sounds
▪ And special effects like piano hits, kicks, sweeps or scratches.

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