YAMAHA Vocaloid 5 ESV v5.2.0 WiN


WiN | 557.17 MB

VOCALOID5 has 4 voicebanks (Japanese/English), over 1000 vocal phrases and over 1000 audio samples. You can use the singing voice quickly and customize your own vocal. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, now it’s also available as VST (WIN) and AU (MAC).

VOCALOID and its succeeding versions are voice synthesizing applications that have been sold commercially since 2004. VOCALOID began from the simple concept of synthesizing the human vocals for singing. From the start this was never an easy task for the programmers behind the software, but from that beginning VOCALOID™ has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, spawning new musicians, albums, figurines and even concerts.

Release Note(By YAMAHA):

General performance improvements
Fixed a bug where the program would crash if you moved the Control Parameters (Windows)
General stability improvements

Release Note (By Charlotte):

Include Balthasar’s Function Patch to Support JobPlugins and Optimize speed of render.
Fixed a bug at uninstaller.

How to install Vocaloid voices (Windows version) on Mac
1- Install a windows emulator (I use Parallel desktop)
2 – Install vocaloid voices (win version)
3 – In windows root goto /Program files (x86) and copy folder VoiceDB
4 – Paste VoiceDB folder into mac desktop (or you choose where)
5 – Fire the “VOCALOID5 Libraries Installer”
6 – Click “Find Vocaloid DB” and point the .ddi of your voice inside the VoiceDB folder
7 – Click “Install select components”
8 – Repeat procedure from n.6 if you installed more voices
9 – Enjoy!
10 – Say thank you to scskarsper for the code


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  1. Link is broken; a re-upload would be great 🙂

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    1. fixed!

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      1. thank you so much – that’s most appreciated

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