Wire Grind – Impulse Response Library WAV [free]

Impulse respone Library – 100 mb

Wire Grind Impulse Response Sample Library is a comprehensive set of reverberation impulse responses. Geometrical acoustics theory is combined with measure acoustical data to produce high-quality impulses. Each impulse in the set is systematically tuned to sound different from the others, and unlike other libraries, ours contain absolutely zero recording noise.

If you need more customized impulse responses, see our impulse response modeler. It will allow you to design, preview, and download individual impulse responses.

At a glance:

288 impulses (144 stereo and 144 mono).
10 decay times.
4 wetness levels.
2 spectral models.
3 room sizes.
Geometrically correlated stereo echoes.

Channel formats: mono and stereo.
Sample rates: 44.1kHz, 48kHz.
Bit depth: 24-bit.
File format: WAV.

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