Wave Rider v2.1 MAC OSX Intel

MAC OSX Intel | 04-6-2012 | 13.6 MB

Wave Rider is an RTAS plugin. It is a virtual fader controller utility that applies intelligent volume adjustments to the Pro Tools faders to maintain consistent levels, and perform ducking, gating, and automatic mixing duties. It has a vast use in audio post production as well as music recordings.

Ride mode
In this default mode, Wave Rider`s level detecting algorithm automatically raises or lowers the fader level to maintain a user selectable output level by writing volume automation on the timeline. User can then alter the volume automation as needed. Makes maintaining dialnorm levels a breeze! Check out the TIPS page for example scenarios.

Duck mode
This function will lower the signal of a target track by a user selectable amount if there`s signal present on the inserted track. Narration and announcements over music as heard on radio channels rely on keyed compressors with poor results, now cooler with Wave Rider.

Park on silence (p.o.s)
This is a function you`ll find in Automatic Mixer boxes. The faders are parked at a user defined low level when there`s little signal, and they come up to full output when there’s strong signal present, maintaining a steady output level. Particularly useful in situations where there are a lot of mics open and you want to have the cleanest signal without much background noise. Park mode can also be used in situations to replace a noise gate.

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