VSE-4 v1.0.230 macOS


VSE-4 v1.0.230 macOS

U2B | AU | VST3 | 224.1 MB

The VSE-4 plugin is inspired by the musical sound of the VSE-2 EQ, but presents its own unique sonic identity, integrated in a highly flexible user interface concept.

With a fully parametric and modular design and its unique Saturation and FM Drive controls, the VSE-4 provides precise and musical EQing with analog sound, as well as exceptional control over the nonlinear behaviour of the filters. This enables the creation of more complex frequency-based distortion effects.

The nonlinear filter circuits have been meticulously tuned and digitally modelled to give each of the 13 filter types its own sonic character. Combined with the Overdrive module there are even more options to create rich overtones or heavy distortion.

Features of the VSE-4 Plugin:
Discrete Gyrator Sound for maximum musical behaviour
High- and Lowpass Filters up to 36 dB/oct
4 fully parametric EQ bands with 13 different filter types
Adjustable Saturation and FM Drive per Band
Overdrive Module
Modular Signal Chain


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