Undercatt Producing As A Duo TUTORiAL-DECiBEL


Undercatt Producing TUTORiAL

DECiBEL | 04 Jun 2021 | 2.85 GB

Producing as a duo is a matter of balance. Every producer owns a distinct set of skills, comes from a different background story, relates to individual taste in music. Working together with a partner has a whole distinctive process from doing it solo, and it can be a huge boost to your career and slow you down if you don’t get it right! Join us to discover how we manage to do this, how we help and support each other with our different abilities, how we get the Undercatt productions done in the only way possible: together as one.

Day 1:
– How we started and our path
– Tips and techniques, building up your signature sound
– How we work for remixes, starting from a vocal

Day 2:
– Deconstructing a track.
– Less mixing, more in the spotlight.
– The future of Undercatt and our label Notturna. Reshaping in front of adversity


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