Transpirant 8000 Mono + Stepper 16 VSTi [ Free ]

21 MB – Apr 15, 2011

TubeOhm ANTI TRANSPIRANT is a wonderful analogue sounding VSTi Instrument for WinXP/Vista/7. For the first time we build an Instrument with 8 x oversampling. This means crystal clear high freq. modulations, high frequency PWM, FILTER FM and RING MODULATION.OK, 8x os needs a lot of CPU usage but it gives the best sound.

The TO-STEPPER 16 P is in the A-T bundle. 5 directions, random function, audio trigger and three key-modes.

The FREE version contains A-T mono4free (8x os) VSTi
and the ‘normal‘ mono Stepper VST – not the poly version !
+ VST Host v1.48 (Double Precission) for standalone mode

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