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22 June 2020 | 5.26 GB

In this course, you will learn how to decipher the code of the standard guitar tuning!

You will learn how to find any chord anywhere on the fretboard and how you can always find the right scale!

This course covers:

•chord shapes and how they connect
•pentatonic scales and how they relate to the chord shapes
•how you can move chord progressions over the entire fretboard
•how to build basic and extended chords
•how to find all the intervals in an instant
•how to make your playing more musical
•how to simplify chords to make them more useful

With the systematic approach, I laid out for this course, you will step by step understand how this guitar fretboard stuff works and you will get all the insights you need to never again be at a loss when it comes to finding the right chord or scale!

I am an experienced music pedagogue with a BA degree from Mozarteum Salzburg and years of experience as a teacher and performing artist. I have taught hundreds of students in public schools in Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein, and I am lucky to have many international students as well. Besides that, I am playing live for over 15 years and bring in lots of practical tips and knowledge.

With The Guitar Code – Your way to master the fretboard I put together years and years of my first-hand experience so you can benefit and skyrocket your playing without having to figure out everything yourself – as I had to do 🙂

Grab your guitar and let us unlock the guitar code so that you as well will be a master of the fretboard!

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