The Mangle v1.1.1 x86 x64 VST AU WIN MAC

the mangle v1.1.1 x86 x64 vst au win mac

The Mangle v1.1.1 WIN MAC

WIN 92,19 MB / MAC 103.13 MB

The Mangle is a granular synthesizer plugin which offers a real-time display of your grain stream, easy drag and drop modulation, a resolution independent (and resizable) vector interface, and multi-timbral layers. The overall goal is one of sonic exploration.

Modulate the grain creation rate, grain origin position, grain amplitude, pitch (can be locked to a musical scale), grain envelope, and pan for stereo width. A multimode filter is applied over the whole grain stream, which can of course also be modulated.

Each instance of the Mangle has 8 slots or ‘layers’, each with its own audio file and entire parameter and modulation setup. Each layer can be assigned to any range on the MIDI keyboard. Ranges can overlap, allowing you to build up complex multilayered effects. Or, spread the layers across the keyboard, letting you make complex granular instruments that span many octaves.
The Mangle is great for pads, atmospheres, effects, automatic rhythmic chopping of samples, and much more.


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