The Day Din Masterclass TUTORiAL

18 Aug 2018 | 4.96 GB

We know why you’re here. It’s his production, isn’t it? That massive, pulsing kick and bass that just pummels speaker cones. It’s that big, glossy space through which liquid melodies dance and glide. It’s those moments on his dancefloor that seem to make time stand still for a moment…
… then comes that kick and bass again. But how does he do it?

We had to know too. The Day Din Masterclass was shot in Deniz’s (outrageously cool) Hamburg studio, and kicks off with an extensive studio tour before picking apart his production process bit by bit, from his approach to EQ’ing kick and bass all the way through mixing and processing, percussion, leads and stabs, his thoughts on track arrangement and so much more. Deniz invites us into the Cubase projects for two of his recent releases – including ‘Action Jackson’, his collaboration with Waio – as well as into the guts of a previously unheard (and exceedingly epic) progressive masterpiece that’s only just been finished.

What would it feel like to sit next to Deniz as he works?
We’re kind of obsessive about finding new ways to make our classes even more immersive so we can truly offer that kind of experience. Enjoy multiple camera angles and high quality audio plus a new feature, Screen Follow. Rather than stay zoomed out on Deniz’s Cubase screen, we actually intuitively follow his action as he moves around his screen. No more wondering where the mouse is!

The man behind Day Din doesn’t pull any punches – this is Deniz at his most raw and honest. Lead by Futurephonic’s own Alex Story, we welcome you to the freshest edition of the Futurephonic Masterclass series.

Sounds amazing! What do I get inside?
An HD 1080p class shot through multiple camera angles, high-res screen capture and full quality audio
Stream inside your browser or digital download to your computer
Comprehensive technical knowledge across 10 chapters covering all of Deniz’s essential techniques – from Linear Phase EQ and detailed kick and bass layering through to mixdown workflows and percussion processing, and much more
Extensive arrangement breakdown of his latest track, Active Radio feat. Kromfeld, plus deconstructions of ‘I Am The I’ and ‘Action Jackson’
Walk and talk with Alex Story in Hamburg
Screen Follow – intuitive screen following for a new immersive experience
Unique buyer’s license
Total Running Time 4 Hrs 43 Mins
Total Size 4.96 GB

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  1. Hi there, I can’t download this FuturePhonic – The Day.Din Masterclass Tutorial. The link is broken, please provide me with a working link as soon as possible. I thank you in advanced.

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