The Blanchet Cembalo KONTAKT


At the beginning of the 18th century in Paris, Nicholas Blanchet, and his son Francois Etienne, the leading makers of the time, switched the method of making Cembalo/Harpsichords from that of the Ruckers family (celebrated Flemish makers of the 17th century) to their original method, producing an instrument with much lighter tone quality, strong in projection and rich in overtones.

Their shop was successful from the beginning but reached its peak in the mid-18th century, when they became ‘facteurs des clavessins du Roi’.

These instruments from the peak of the French tradition, are among the most widely admired of all, and are frequently used as models for the construction of modern instruments.

The Blanchet Cembalo SampleSet was sampled from a perfect copy of the Blanchet, built from Ferdinando Granziera in Milano (Italy) in 1989.

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