T-Force Zenith v1.0.1 x64 VST3 WiN [FREE]


T-Force Zenith v1.0.1 x64 VST3 WiN [FREE]

04/05/2024 | x64 VST3 WiN | 30 MB

A subtractive synthesizer with FM capabilities.

T-Force Zenith is the current flagship synthesizer by Mastrcode Music. Its oscillators are inspired by the original Roland JP-8000/8080 Supersaw oscillator. But with way more available oscillator waveforms than just a saw wave and some additional features.
It’s a powerful synthesizer that suits all kinds of electronic music. It can produce smooth and soft sounds, but its strengths lie in the creation of emotional, powerful, epic and bright sounds and effects.



up to 32x polyphony

2 free running 7-voice oscillators, inspired by the original Roland Supersaw
over 200 oscillator waveforms (50 factory waveforms and over 150 additional single cycle wavetable based waveforms)
can load “user samples” in form of 16/24/32 bit mono wav files to use them as single cycle oscillator waveforms. Just place them inside the “User Samples” folder in Zenith’s VST3 root folder.
audio editor to record, edit, and cut and save the user samples for the use as oscillator waveforms. You can directly record user samples from any sound source within your DAW. Just set the recording routings with your DAW’s settings.
controls for semitones over 6 octaves (up to -36 and +36 semitones) and finetuning (cents)
“Oscillator Feedback” module for special oscillator manipulations that can produce interestung and crazy sound effects.
Detune control to detune each of the 7 single oscillator voices against each other to create that typical supersaw detuning.
Mix control to mix between 1 single oscillator voice and 7 detuned voices like in the original Roland supersaw oscillator
Stereo control for spreading the detuned voices in the stereo panorama
option to invert the oscillator phase
Phase offset and retrigger controls
Oscillator panning and volume controls
Noise generator with stereo and volume controls

15 different filter types
controls for Cutoff, Resonance, Filter envelope amount, Keytracking (key follow) and Velocity

1 ADSR amp envelope
1 ADSR filter envelope
2 ADSR modulation envelopes

3 LFOs with sine, saw, ramp, triangle and pulse waveforms
Tempo can be free (Hz) or synced to the VST host’s bpm tempo
Phase offset option
mono/poly note Phase retrigger modes
polarity modes (unipolar/bipolar)
MIDI effects:

Glide mode (portamento) with auto glide option, glide amount control (time), note hold, retrigger or legato mode
up to 32x polyphony or mono voice mode
Chorder module to play whole chords of a pre-set scale by playing only one note (1-finger chords)
mighty Arpeggiator/Step sequencer with up to 8 sequencer patterns to create complex and powerful arpeggios, or even complete melodies and/or 303 style acid sequences.

Distortion effect with 3 different distortion models (clip/foldback/tanh)
Stereo Chorus effect
envelope controlled 32 step Trance Gate with filter envelope trigger mode
7 band parametric EQ
stereo Delay effect with ping pong mode, lowpass and high pass filters and a flanger effect to modulate the feedback loop for flanged echos or to create tape delay effects
Reverb with predelay, decay, damp, stereo spread and a 4-band EQ
Other Features:

Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel
Mod Matrix for additional modulation routings
Output section with Bass,Treble and Main Volume contols
virtual MIDI keyboard
Pitch Bend Range settings
Main Transpose control with the option shift the transpose over 6 octaves (-3 to +3 octaves)

Please note: supports Windows 7 and higher only, because the plugin uses a new graphics API – all graphics now will be rendered with your graphic card’s GPU instead of the CPU. Windows XP doesn’t support the new graphics API.


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