Sub Ninja v1.0.0-TeamCubeadooby


Sub Ninja v1.0.0-TeamCubeadooby

TeamCubeadooby | 02.2024 | 4.7 MB

Do you want a perfect low-end every mix?
Sub Ninja is the perfect visual tool to help you nail the mix of your sub/bass and kicks. It helps you by showing you exactly what’s going on in your low-end, making it easy to get a great mix.

Synced Visualization
Experience real-time audio-waveform synchronization, bringing your project’s bass to life.
Waveform vs. Spectrum
See why Sub Ninja’s waveform visualization outperforms traditional spectrum analyzers for bass clarity.
Instant Filter Control
Tailor your lowpass filter on-the-fly. Redraw waveforms instantly, even in silence, for precise frequency tuning.
Microscopic Detail
Zoom in to the sample level with unmatched clarity. Intuitive controls for in-depth waveform analysis.

x64: .aaxplugin, VST3


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