Steinberg Soft-eLicenser bundle V.R

Team V.R | 09 March 2020 | 7 MB

Get tons of creative instruments with over 100 GB of sound content for every kind of music production. Explore over 6,800 presets, next-generation synthesizers and one of the best drum plug-ins available. And when that is not enough, you can easily build your own sample instruments.

HALion v6.4.0
Retrologue v2.2.20
Padshop v2.0.1
The Grand v3.2.0
Groove Agent v5.0.20

HALion Sonic v3.4.0 based modules:
Symphonic Orchestra
Iconica Opus
Dark Planet
Hypnotic Dance
and many other…

List of licenses

MP3 Encoder
Sequel Bonus Pack 01
Sequel Content Set Rock
Sequel Content Set Elektro
Sequel Content Set Industrial
Sequel Content Set 80s Pop
Sequel Content Set Funky
Sequel Content Set HipHop 2
Sequel Content Set Reggae
Sequel Content Set Chillout
Sequel Content Set Orchestra
Sequel Content Set World Beatz
Sequel Content Set Groovy 70s
Synthesizers VST Sound Instrument Set
WaveLab Elements 7
Sequel Content Set Electronic Dance
Sequel Content Set RnB
Sequel Content Set Smooth House
Sequel Content Set Jazzy Latin
Sequel Content Set Alternative Rock
Sequel 3
Yamaha YC-3B
Prologue Discoveries VST Sound Instrument Set
Basic FX Suite
Hypnotic Dance
AmpSimPro Extended
VST Sound Loop Set Ambient Lounge
VST Sound Loop Set Electronic Mode
VST Sound Loop Set Progressive House
VST Sound Loop Set Minimal Sessions
ElekDrums VST Sound Instrument Set
Dark Planet
VST Sound Loop Set Nu-Metal
VST Sound Loop Set Dubstep
VST Sound Loop Set Urban
VST Sound Loop Set Indie Rock
Cubase Elements 7
WaveLab Elements 8
Padshop Pro
Padshop Pro Extension
Zero Gravity
Neo-Soul Keys VST Sound Instrument Set
Yamaha sonote beat re-edit
AM Signature Drums Vol. 2 VST Sound Instrument Set
AM Signature Drums Vol. 1 VST Sound Instrument Set
VST Sound Loop Set Platinum Guitars
VST Sound Loop Set Guitar Spheres
VST Sound Loop Set Klanghaus
Granular Symphonies
Cubase iC Pro
Cubase Elements 8
Prime Cuts VST Sound Instrument Set
Granular Guitars
HALion Symphonic Orchestra
Metronomic Cinema VST Sound Instrument Set
Future Past Perfect VST Sound Instrument Set
Blues Essentials VST Sound Instrument Set
Jazz Essentials VST Sound Instrument Set
WaveLab Elements 9
Funk Essentials VST Sound Instrument Set
Songwriters Drums VST Sound Instrument Set
Retrologue 2
HALion Sonic SE 3
VST Audio Engine
Colliding Worlds VST Sound Instrument Set
Neuro Mindset VST Sound Instrument Set
Simon Phillips Studio Drums
Fusion Essentials
Nashville Drums
Beat Essentials
Rock Essentials
Cubase Elements 9
HALion 6
HALion Sonic 3
Pop Essentials
Groove Agent 5
Iconica Ensembles
Iconica Sections and Players
Metal Essentials
Future Electronica
Analog House
Alternative Essentials
Metro Heights
Cubase Elements 9.5
Songwriter Essentials
Rock and Roll Essentials
WaveLab Elements 9.5
Advanced FX Suite
VST Transit Join
Iconica Opus
Simon Phillips Jazz Drums
RAST-A (Msixty7)
Marimba (Cinematique Instruments)
Alto Glockenspiel (Cinematique Instruments)
TEXTURE (Sample Fuel)
Guitar Harmonics (Cinematique Instruments)
REVOLUTION (Sample Fuel)
Poly CRE8 (Sample Fuel)
Dorico Pro 2
Cubase Elements 10
CYCLE (Sample Fuel)
Vertigo Strings (Cinematique Instruments)
Hammered Dulcimer (Cinematique Instruments)
PAD MOTION (Sample Fuel)
WAVE CRE8 (Sample Fuel)
VST Audio Engine 2.0
The Kit
Modern Jazz Essentials
Nuendo Live 2 Download
FLUX Wavetable
WaveLab Journalist Edition
The Grand 3
Zilhouette Strings (Cinematique Instruments)
Olympus Choir Micro (Soundiron)
T Guitar (acoustic samples)
Vibrant (e-instruments)
Olympus Choir Elements (Soundiron)
Lute (Cinematique Instruments)
Video Cut Detection
VST Visualizer
Bouncy Vibrations
SpectraLayers Pro 6
Future Bass
Padshop 2
Dorico Pro 3
Upright Bass
Electric Bass
Anima Wavetable
All Applications for Soft-eLicenser
Cubase Elements 10.5
WaveLab Elements 10
Model C
Studio Strings
Hot Brass
VST Live Pro
VST Live Elements
HALion Sonic Combi Presets
Marco Minnemann Studio Drums
Hybrid Bundle (Sample Fuel)
VST Sound and Loop Collection
Absolute 4

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