Start to Finish Vance Powell Episode 3 Getting Guitar And Drum Sounds TUTORiAL

P2P | 08 April 2020 | 424 MB

In episode 3, Vance dials in the drums, guitar, and synth bass sounds, explaining every decision along the way.

Watch as Vance:

*Dials in tones for the drums on his SSL console and massive wall of outboard gear
*Explains his approach to getting the sound of the kit through the overheads
*Inserts 1176 compressors on the main kick and snare drum channels
*Uses multiple parallel processes during tracking on the drums
*Checks the phase relationship of all of the elements of the kit in the overheads
*Sends the “taste mic” to his famous “Beard Verb” pedal and Polysaturator
*Creates a mono drum mix to enhance the sound of the kit
*Uses a very unique technique to eliminate guitar hum during tracking. You’ll just have to see… we cannot in good conscious type it out here. Trust us.
*Demonstrates how he checks phase relationships in mono
*Uses his vintage RCA microphone preamplifiers on guitars
*EQs the guitar mics
*Sets the tone for the octave down guitar
*Explains the phase relationship between bass DIs and amplifiers and explains how he addresses it.

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