Stamina Production Toolkit KONTAKT


Stamina Production Toolkit KONTAKT


STAMINA is a Kontakt instrument that is designed with the songwriter in mind. In a world where life is so busy it is often hard to think about details or choice, as your time matters. STAMINA is here to assist in those decisive moments, with its full-on melody sections and loops that are waiting to be explored.

Packed with 31 crafted drumkits, including efx oneshots, 227 drumloops – at the touch of a key and 21 melody kits, transition fx breaks, risers, efx and effects section.

The idea is simple, to Select, Play and Create – let the music guide you so you can start off with an idea, then add to it as you develop your own creative inspiration – or simply work with what’s there and edit it to fit your needs – there are no rules here, just your own creative mind.

There are 3 Playback modes Loop, One-Shot & Latch.
Loop will allow you to continually play the loop, assuming that your finger is pressed on the key. – One-Shot will only play the sound once. Latch mode will allow you to press the key once and will continually play the sound until you manually stop it.

The drop-down box for each element will reveal each loadable Kit. – you can mix and match any together. Kits are instantly loaded so there is no “downtime”.

There is also an FX section with Limiter, Chorus, Saturation and Lo-Fi FX to help you manipulate your sounds as you wish.

STAMINA comes loaded with 1GB of material and 800 individual high-quality samples, so you are never short of raw material to play with.

IMPORTANT: STAMINA Production Toolkit requires the full edition of Kontakt 6.5.2.
It will NOT work in the FREE Kontakt Player.


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