Spire v0.9.6 VSTi MAC OSX-UNION

UNION | 06/04/13 | 51MB

Reveal Sound has introduced Spire, a virtual synthesizer instrument

Spire features
4x multimode oscillators with polymorphing.
9x unison voices on each oscillator with Density (capable of imitate different types of unisons
like supersaw, hypersaw…)
2x multimode filters with 12 different types of filtering.
4x LFOs.
4x Envelopes.
Shaper, Phaser, Vowel, Chorus, Flanger, Delay, Reberb, EQ, Punch, Multiband Upward/Downward Compressor.

Fixed: Problems with the buffer in Logic and FL Studio (noise and clicks).
Fixed: Automation in Logic.
Fixed: Wavetable Phase Modulation (CtrlB) when CtrlA at zero.
Fixed: AMSync Phase Retrig.
Fixed: Site hosting.
Added: CC64 – Sustain.
Added: Oscillator mixer Off buttons.
Added: Insert & Remove-Backup for preset manager.
Added: Program Change.
Update: Presets.

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