Sound Aesthetics Sampling Resona v 1 KONTAKT

P2P | 20 November 2018 | 597 MB

Resona is aimed at cinematic Ambient and/or Horror music.
Resona is an essential toolkit for Ambient, Horror and cinematic music in general. The library includes Bells, Glass, Mallets, Ambiences, Arps, a huge diversity of Pads and many more. As a bonus you even get the possibility to implement your own samples if you’d like to.

The Intention of this library was to sample two small music boxes, which you hear in the “Melodies” patches. After it worked out well I decided to include more Bell and/ or Mallet like sounds and fill the sound space behind them with Pads and Ambiences. So I crafted the Pads and Ambiences from Synths, real instrument recordings and a hybrid version of both to give the whole library a lot more depth. You don’t get a huge array of patches, because you don’t need to. You can simply select the sound of your choice and don’t have to click through all the patches.

The Multis are just some combinations, that came into my mind, but the possibilities are nearly endless. Feel free to create your own. And because every patch has a individual Volume slider, you can even morph between two or more sounds on the fly. (Using the default CC7 would just rise the Volume of all instruments currently loaded into the rack)

The Sounds were meant for instant inspiration so you can just play them right out of the box or take your time and tweak the sound until they fit your taste.

The Patch Creator gives you the ability to use your own samples and take advantage of the GUI. I’ll explain how to use it.

First we have to resave a plane Patch Creator patch. So decide if you want to create it in Sampler Mode or DFD. [Again: Sampler Mode sounds more natural, but DFD is lower on system ressources]
Load the Patch out of the “Patch Creator” folder.
Click on the wrench in the left top of the instrument and then onto the icon “Files” next to options.
Now click “save edited instrument […] as” and type in the name you want to give your instrument. Be sure to keep “patch + samples” checked. (If you accidentally overwrite the plane Patch, don’t worry, you have a copy of it within the “Patch Creator[Backup]” folder) * After that exit Kontakt and open up the sample folder of your new instrument. * Now you can simply exchange the placeholders with your custom samples. You only have to keep the naming. For example: “resona_custom_001”. * If you open up your Patch you can additionally set Root Key, Fine Tune, Attack and Decay for each of the five samples individually. [A Root Key Chart is included if you’re not familiar with midi numbers] Done! [You can repeat this as often as you want to]


24 Instrument Patches (.nki)
13 Multis (.nkm)
279 samples in 24 bit / 48 khz, ncw compressed
Some Sounds got up to 5 dynamic layers (Glasses, Mallets etc.)
27 custom Impulse Responses
Sampled Instruments: Small Music Box, Bells, Wine Glass played with different mallets, Kalimba, Marimba, Strings, Voices, Woodwinds, Synths.
Essential effects like: Delay, Reverb, Lofi, Phaser, Chorus.
Volume slider for each instrument to easily morph between the patches via midi CC automation.
The Patches labeled “Sampler Mode” use a randomization technique, which makes the sound more organic, but also uses more RAM.
An Arpeggiator has been programmed for the Arps patches.
Most Patches got a low pass filter mapped to Mod Wheel.

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