Sonic Academy How To Use Cubase 9.5 Beginner Level 2 TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | July 08 2018 | 2.84 GB

Over the next 13 videos, we welcome back Cubase sensei Protoculture, as he takes you to the next level on this masterclass journey. If you are a complete beginner or even a seasoned pro, this course has something for everyone.

How To Use Cubase 9.5 Level 2, continues on from where Level 1 finished off. It is quite literary NEXT LEVEL!

With loads of useful knowledge for producers starting out, we begin by checking out how to route busses and use send/return fx, take a closer look at dynamic processing, compression and sidechain compression before moving on to stereo widening, offline processing, and render in place. Protoculture then checks out a few useful stock plugins along with VCA faders and then wraps up by moving the project so it can be mastered efficiently and utilising Cubase’s powerful Frequency EQ before exporting.

You will be armed with all the knowledge at the end of this course to start on your production journey, so go forth and create!

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