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This week Sonic Academy proudly welcomes back Swedish born 138 Trance legend Bjorn Akesson for a brand new course in How To Make Tech Trance.
We’re also excited as for the first time here at Sonic Academy this awesome monster of a track is created in Presonus Studio One.

Bjorn builds this entirely new tune from the ground up starting with a blank slate firstly creating the drums before moving on to the layered sub and mid bass. We then arrange the basic layout to give the foundation of the track before adding effects, creating the drop and main theme, adding atmosphere, along with a dope acid line and stabs. Throughout this course we check out Bjorn’s easy-to-follow, methodical approach to workflow and organisation along with his clever use of automation lines to create tension and move through the transitions of the breakdown and drop.

The end result is a 138 Tech Trance track worthy of any club that’s guaranteed to get your heart racing!

And don’t worry if you don’t use Studio One, this course and the resources included are designed to be followed and used in any DAW so what are you waiting for?

Go check it out and learn from a true Trance master!

Tutorial 01 – Playthrough and Intro
Let’s hear the track we’re going to make.

Tutorial 02 – Drums Part 1
First up we start with laying down a beat using Studio One’s ‘Impact’ drum sampler

Tutorial 03 – Drums Part 2
Here we continue processing the drums with EQ to take away unwanted frequencies and then add some drum loops to expand on the groove and complete the main beat.

Tutorial 04 – Bass
Next up we create the bassline by layering synths so we cover the sub and mid range frequencies

Tutorial 05 – Kick and Sub
In this tutorial we process the kick and sub bass with compression and EQ to tighten them up in the mix.

Tutorial 06 – Arrangement
In this tutorial we lay out the basic foundations of the arrangement to help visualise the final outcome and motivate you to get there!

Tutorial 07 – FX
Next we build the tension of the track by adding risers/sweeps and impacts.

Tutorial 08 – Tech Drop
Here we work on the drop, changing the sub and editing the arrangement and adding fills and a vocal stab.

Tutorial 09 – Main Theme
Now we move on to the main theme, writing the melody and layering ANA 2.

Tutorial 10 – Atmosphere
In this tutorial we add texture to the track using a pad sounds from ANA 2.

Tutorial 11 – Synths
Filling out the track further we add an acid line and stab sound.

Tutorial 12 – Buses
Next up we carry out some housekeeping by grouping different elements and assigning them to bus channels to make it easier further down the line when it comes to automation and mixing.

Tutorial – 13 Breakdown Part 1
In this tutorial we move on to the breakdown using automation so elements fit nicely into the mix and transition correctly.

Tutorial 14 – Breakdown Part 2
In this tutorial we continue with the breakdown automating the release of the lead lines in ANA 2 for the build up before the drop.

Tutorial 15 – Send FX
Next up we add delay and reverb as send/return effects and add them to different elements of the track.

Tutorial 16 – Main Theme Revisit
Here we go back to the main theme to tweak it and add a bit more variety to the track.

Tutorial 17 – Automation
Now we start to look at the mix of the track, trying to create space for each part.

Tutorial 18 – Intro and Outro
Next up we finalise the intro and the outro of the track so they’re DJ friendly

Tutorial 19 – Playthrough and Fixes
Finally, we play through the track making any final tweaks and adjustments to complete the track.

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