Social Media Marketing Courses 2020 Musicians Edition TUTORiAL

25 June 2020 | 2.94 GB

The course is the ultimate social media marketing course. You will learn how to create a professional Facebook business page, set up Facebook Ads from start to finish, setting up and using Instagram Ads as well as using the Instagram platform effectively with useful free tools which have be tried and tested.

Social media marketing is such an essential and powerful tool in 2020 that we all need to learn and understand how to use to benefit in our life and career development.

You will also be taught how to set up a useful YouTube Channel, upload videos to YouTube using the correct keywords and take your channel to the next level.

In the course we have used musicians as our case study but the tools and strategies adopted are for everyone using Social media marketing so it applies to your brand and business.

Gaining new clients for your business, building a brand for your social media or attract new listeners as a Musician is arguably the biggest challenges when you are just starting out.

For example as a musician you will need to get your music in front of an audience of people who have a definite interest in your music if you want to build a loyal fan base.

We have interviewed hundreds of musicians and industry experts as well as analysed hundreds of music profiles to work out how applying all these social media tools in which we will teach you, can take your career to the next level.

What you will learn from the course:

In this course we will guide you through how to use Facebook the same way as 93% of marketers to build an engaged fan base.

· Creating a Facebook business page
· Setting up a Facebook Ad
· Creating Facebook Ads from start to finish- step by step guide
· Finding and creating your target audience
· Using your Instagram page effectively with free and useful tools.
· Using Instagrams Ads (Step by Step guide)
· Setting up your YouTube channel to create an engaging page, using keyword tools
· How to upload videos to optimise views
· Setting up and using Twitter
· Running your social media campaign from beginning to end
· Students will learn how to build a massive engaged fan base, using a strategy adopted by 93% of marketers.
· Students will be taught effective and achievable ways to help them to increase awareness of their music.
· Students will learn tried and tested ways to be effective on Facebook.

What is primarily taught:

· Social media Marketing
· Social Media Management
· Facebook Training
· Facebook Marketing
· Facebook Ads
· Instagram Ads
· Music Marketing
· Creating an engaging Twitter page
· Setting up Youtube and creating a social presence

My goal as your instructor is to help you succeed in Social Media Marketing so please do not hesitate to ask me questions if you do not understand anything. I am more than happy to help and I am great with communication so we can take this journey together.

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