SNFK Music StupidCompressor VST3 WiN [FREE]

stupidcompressor vst3 win [free]

StupidCompressor VST3 WiN [FREE]

FREE | 10 May 2021 | 4 MB

StupidCompressor – Free yet Powerful Dynamic Range Compressor

Incredibly Light-Weight
StupidCompressor was designed with CPU and memory management in mind. The sound engine was rewritten multiple times to ensure it wouldn’t be a CPU hog. On a laptop with a AMD Ryzen 5 2500U CPU and 16 GB ram, it only added 1% CPU load in FL Studio with all of the features enabled.

Visual User Interface
Visual graphics are one of the best ways to learn how an audio effect works. StupidCompressor welcomes new and long-time users with its easy-to-use UI. The UI code library was rigorously built to ensure minimum time needed to use a feature.

Unique Advanced Features
Our users cover a diverse range of experience. We wanted to provide common the dynamic range functions with the compressor so everything is in one place. Advanced features can be found in the advanced panel and include compressing a certain frequency range, transient shaping, limiting, and two simple clipping distortion types.

Open Source
StupidCompressor is open source on Github. We believe examples are the best way to learn how to do something. Open source adds the possibility of new features from a community of developers. If you would like to contribute, visit the repository on Github.

Full Feature List
• Stereo Compressor with ratio, attack, release, and gain staging
• Visualizer for the ratio and threshold
• Visualizer showing the input & output levels, the threshold, and gain reduction.
• Bandpass Compressor – Only compress a certain frequency range.
• Transient Shaper – features both increase and decrease in transients.
• Limiter – Found in the clipping section; it is used for clipping without creating new harmonics (and also plain limiting if you wish).
• Soft & Hard Clipper – Sometimes you will want new harmonics; these are perfect for adding them in.

System Requirements
• PC only right now – we are working very hard to change this as soon as possible!
• 1 GB Ram
• 10 MB Disk Storage


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