Session Percussionist KONTAKT-FANTASTiC


Session Percussionist KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 15 February 2024 | 5.75 GB

Instant organic rhythms
From simple solo beats to intricate ensembles, Session Percussionist delivers a versatile collection of drum patterns, rolls, and one-shots within an intuitive engine. Browse over 2000 rhythmic patterns performed by renowned session musicians, then tailor them to your tracks with flexible editing features to dial in everything from African drum grooves and Latin polyrhythms to claps and snaps for your next pop hit.

Authentic percussion performances
Packed with a selection of shakers, tambourines, congas, cajons, and more, choose from 58 meticulously sampled instruments, each with multiple mix variations. Get swift results with curated ensemble presets, each containing up to five instrument slots that can be played simultaneously or individually for unique expression.

Find drum patterns fast
Simply enter your desired rhythm and Session Percussionist’s brand-new engine will search for loops and patterns that closely fit your productions. Audition pattern suggestions with ease, then drag-and-drop them into one of five interchangeable slots to quickly create your own arrangements. Customize patterns manually or using the built-in step sequencer to add and delete notes, change velocity and articulations, insert flams, and more.

Streamlined workflow
Browse ensemble presets and explore a wide range of carefully designed kits with matching sound presets. The browser makes it simple to search, filter, and audition sounds based on genre tags, instrument types, and tempo range. Ensemble presets can be previewed in sync with your host tempo to speed up your production process.

Your virtual live room
Personalize your sound from the mixer page, where you can dial in EQ, compression, reverb, and delay effects, then route individual signals and room mics to direct outputs to process them individually. Remove unwanted high or low notes using the articulation filter, change tuning, timing, and stereo width, then position each player within a virtual live room using the X/Y pad and enable doubling to ensure they sit perfectly in the mix.

Play it with Kontrol keyboards
Session Percussionist offers full integration with our Kontrol S-Series keyboards. Take advantage of the Light Guide to display key ranges of loops, hits, and rolls, allowing you to effortlessly combine different patterns and play custom rhythms and fills to enhance your performance.

Created with drumasonic
Session Percussionist was created in collaboration with drumasonic – the award-winning team behind Picked Nylon, Electric Mint, Icon Bass, Electric Sunburst, Electric Vintage, Strummed Acoustic, Picked Acoustic, and Session Ukulele.

Intelligent drum and percussion library

•Craft detailed and authentic performances with up to five players
•Browse over 2000 drum patterns and edit them with the step sequencer
•Smart pattern searching helps speed up your creative process
•Add depth and dimension with intuitive sound controls


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