Serum Noise Pool Vol.1 WAV SERUM PRESETS [FREE]

serum noise pool vol.1 [free]

Serum Noise Pool Vol.1 [FREE]

24.04.2021 | WAV | 64 MB

Using the noise oscillator in Serum is a great way to create amazing new sounds and unleash unexplored sound design possibilities:
This pack provides 97 custom noise samples to be used with the noise oscillator, including 42 Hits (one shots) as well as 45 looped sounds that allow seamless looping.
Expect to find basses, synths, bells, vocals, orchestral instruments, tonal and atonal percussions, unharmonic static noises and more.

We optimized audio and playback parameters as much as possible to lighten the CPU usage, and normalized all sounds to 0db. They are also clearly key labeled for ease of use during your sessions.

Combined with some modulations and effects, you can create amazing presets by using solely these sounds through the noise oscillator, just give them a try !

If you don’t own or use Serum, you can still use these sounds in any sampler or DAW of your choice.

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UPDATE: This pack now includes 25 free Serum presets created using these custom noises to give a better overview of how you can create interesting sounds using Serum’s advanced modulations possibilities !


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