Richard Band v7 Scoring Suites SCD

SONiTUS | 10.2011 | 1.4GB

Live, big and beautiful, three orchestrated sets of themed, dramatic music cues for film scoring. Styles include Action, Film Noir and Heartland Americana, each with adaptations thematically related to create a cohesive score from beginning to end.

Tracks on “Richard Band Vol 7 – Scoring Suites”:
A Soldier’s Fate
Cinematic Action 1 – Strong forces are coming closer and closer. This robust soundtrack helps score a noble call to arms. Works well with ‘Action 2′ and Action 3’.)
Cinematic Action 2 – The big moment is at hand, the hour of glory near. Take on bold initiatives with this orchestral underscore. Made to go with ‘Action 1’ and ‘Action 3’.
Cinematic Action 3 – The chase has begun. Fleeting brass and strings make this symphonic cue ideal for big-screen action sequences. Made to work alongside ‘Action 1’ and ‘Action 2’.
Film Noir 1 – An uneasy feeling overtakes our protagonist as he walks through the murky shadows. A great moody orchestral cue, just right for setting the stage for intrigue. Designed to work with Film Noir 2 and 3.
Film Noir 2 – Secret plans are quietly put in action in this sneaky score. A great backdrop for espionage, with a little tongue-n-cheek nature thrown in. Designed to work with ‘Film Noir 1’ and ‘Film Noir 3’.
Film Noir 3 – Shifty eyes and steely glances permeate this score of intrigue. A cue just right for your film noir debut. Use with ‘Film Noir 1’ and ‘Film Noir 2’ for full effect.
Heartland Americana 1 – A warm and lush invitation to the majestic terrain of America. A beautiful soundtrack for any message of hope, promise, and dignity. Geared for use alongside ‘Heartland Americana 2,3 and 4’.
Heartland Americana 2 – A touching and heartfelt orchestral backdrop, perfect for underscoring thoughtful narration or historical subject matter. Scored to be used with ‘Heartland Americana 1,3 and 4’.
Heartland Americana 3 – Exciting events await in this spirited orchestral work. Ideal for big introductions and cinematic storytelling. Made for use with ‘Heartland Americana 1,2 and 4’.
Heartland Americana 4 – This warm and expansive orchestral theme can take on any big screen story. Soaring trumpet takes the main theme to high places. Designed to go with ‘Heartland Americana 1,2 and 3’.

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