Rhythm Objekt KONTAKT DVDR

Team DYNAMiCS | Nov 2010 | 3.58 GB

Fixed Noise’s ‘Rhythm Objekt’ is a unique blend of sultry electro and urban in a well endowed, 4 GB sound library package. All of the sound design was created by Jimmy Edgar, the ultimate trendsetter of this hybrid style. These sounds are ideal for producers looking to add electronic flavour to their tracks and electronic artists who believe computers have a soul. Aside from being dead sexy, ‘Rhythm Objekt’ is flexible, including a plethora of drum kits, synths, organs, loops and spectral lust.

Each instrument comes with alterable effects specifically chosen for the instrument and envelope modifiers. ‘Rhythm Objekt’ comes with a special version of Native Instruments’ Kontakt Player 3, providing instant use of all instruments. No additional purchase of Kontakt is necessary.

Instrument Categories:

– Chords: What would electro-RnB be without some minor chords? Chords of all kinds are featured in these instruments.
– Drum Kits: Individual hits of drums kits that are traditional and non-traditional electro, RnB and urban.
– Experimental: The stranger, although still very useful, side of the library. These instruments feature everything from moans to scripted-random sequences.
– Loops: Get the style down quickly with these loop instruments.
– Melodic: The single note instruments. Bass and pads are also included in this category.


– All of the instruments are designed by Detroit/NYC trendsetter, Jimmy Edgar.
– Includes all of the elements for building an electro, R&B and urban track.
– The new Library Browser within the Kontakt Player / Kontakt allows for seamless integration of Kontakt libraries, all in one location.

Software is compatible with both Mac OSX and PC XP/Vista.


For correct work of this library, you must add it to the Kontakt player with the add library button. Otherwise, this library will not work and will require registration.

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