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The Retro AS-1 is a full featured programmable analog synthesizer for Macintosh and PC computers. Taking a modular approach you create and link modules of oscillators, envelopes, filters and LFO sections. The results can create stunning analog synth sounds in a clean 44.1kHz digital environment. The AS-1 is fully MIDI equipped and works with sequencers and MIDi controllers. However it has an on-screen keyboard and can also be triggered from the computer keyboard.

New patches can be stored on your hard disk for a virtually unlimited amount of user patches! The AS-1 has such extensive and complete editing and parameter control that it could intimidate, even baffle some users. Be sure and try the FREE DEMO version and see if the professional Retro AS-1 polyphonic synthesizer is for you!

This is an old release by ZONE, surprisingly this works on Windows 10, without any issues.
I tested it by bridging it with JBridge and using FL Studio 21 and it worked fine.
(Note, it only works if the DAW you’re running is in administrator mode, if you run it without any administrator permissions, the VST will freeze and show a empty window.)

Instructions are included inside on how to get it working on modern computers.
JBridge works on the VST without any issues 


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