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Do you have the creeping suspicion that your room is holding you back from great mixes? As we’ve looked at earlier, where you mix has a huge impact on how your mixes will turn out. Well, today I’m totally pumped to be launching a brand new video series dedicated to helping you get the absolute most out of your space. Welcome to REthink Your Room!

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Acoustics
We all know that pro studios are built out that way for a reason. They are designed to be the best acoustic environment possible. News flash: your home studio was built to be a home, not a studio. But that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your room’s potential and get killer recordings and mixes out of it!

In fact, you’d be surprised at just how easy it is to drastically improve your sound with a few simple adjustments. Over the years so many people have been asking me for advice on acoustics and setting up home studios. That’s why I’ve created REthink Your Room, to give people the simplest tools and principles to get the best sound possible out of their current room and gear.

Watch Me Setup My Own Room
REthink Your Room is the perfect tutorial for real home and project studio owners like you. Why? Because you get to watch me setup my latest home studio from scratch! I show you where (and why) I place my desk and speakers and also where I strategically hang acoustic treatment around the room. It doesn’t get any more real than that!

Keeping in mind that I’m not a very technical person, I’ve tried to boil down all I know about acoustics and sound into a very simple, and easy to digest format. REthink Your Room is not a lecture or a boring training video. It’s packed with real information that you can immediately implement in your studio. No fat, just the meat.

Improve Your Studio Environment Today
This video series exists because you requested it. With all the information out there on acoustics and treatment options, I still have been receiving requests from readers to make an easy to understand series that’s realistic to implement right away. If you’ve been confused and frustrated about the sound you’re getting our studio space, REthink Your Room is for you. Check it out today!

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