Recording Drums TUTORiAL

24.02.2020 | TUTORiAL | 470 MB

Watch as engineer Mike Harris records drums in a professional environment. Inside a recording studio, you will watch the entire process of getting a great sounding drum kit. Mike Harris, a Grammy award winning recording engineer, has captured an incredible drum sound and made samples so you can take that sound to your studio. You’ll get to see the process of signal patching in a studio and placing drums in the sweetspot of a tracking room. You’ll also learn about drum mic techniques, how to tune drums, how to avoid audio leakage and phase issues when tracking drums. Mike will also cover how to mix a drum set, including EQ and compression tips, how to create samples in your studio, and how to apply the samples we create during the show within your own mixes.

We have also included a guide on how to create samples for Steven Slate Trigger and Drumagog. Attached to the videos you will find a complete library with 2 drum sets for SL Trigger and Drumagog, as well as all the WAV samples for manual sampling. This library includes 2 kick drums, 2 snare drums, various tom sizes with clear heads, and various birch toms with ambassador heads. Pictures of Mike’s EQ settings also included in your purchase of this video.

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