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RANDOM v1.1.3 R2R

Team R2R | 2024.02.19 | 10.5 MB

RANDOM creates Infinite Unique Sounds. One click opens a gateway to the combined brilliance of Multi-Platinum Producer Phazz and the award winning innovators BEATSURFING!
Born from the visionary minds of Multi-Platinum Producer Phazz and the lauded tech pioneers BEATSURFING, this plugin transcends boundaries, forging a new path in sound design. At its core, RANDOM employs AI and neural network principles to birth an infinite array of utterly unique sounds.

Central to the experience is the transformative power of the RANDOM wheel, a gateway to two distinct systems: the Synth and the Resonator. Through hundreds of parameters, DEVIANCE, determines the extent of randomization with each spin of the wheel. As notes are struck, INSTABILITY introduces an element of unpredictability, shaping the variance between each note. You can visually see the wheel moving as DEVIANCE kicks in.

Unleash your creativity with the RANDOM plugin, a testament to the boundless potential that arises when genius meets innovation. Elevate your music, and let the limitless soundscape of RANDOM be the catalyst for your next sonic masterpiece.


The sonic landscape is further sculpted by the influence of STRESS, dictating the decay length of the synth. Meanwhile, the SPIKE control imparts an aggressive quality, with darker, warmer tones on one end and a more assertive, edgier palette on the other. BLEED and FLUID provide a delicate dance of influence over the resonator, allowing for nuanced modulation of color and presence.

The PARAMETER LOCK buttons empower users to anchor specific settings, granting the freedom to fine-tune other elements without disturbing the carefully crafted foundation.

Dive even deeper into the creative journey with the meticulously curated TABLES AND PRESETS, each a testament to Phazz’s artistry. Within these X/Y Tables, a treasure trove of handcrafted timbres awaits, driven by AI models that seamlessly morph between points as your cursor traverses the digital canvas. Here, the MATTER comes alive, pulsating within the 2 dimensional table, guided by the very essence of Ferrofluid dynamics – attraction and repulsion – responding intuitively to your creative touch.

RANDOM’s synthesis transcends the conventional, It’s a symphony of data-driven artistry, where Neural Networks orchestrate the dance of high-dimensional parameter vectors within a 2 dimension TABLE. Together, they navigate the intricate terrain, revealing a world of sonic possibilities.

System Requirements

Windows 10
2GHz Pentium IV processor or equivalent
A host that supports 32-bit or 64-bit VST
At least 16MB free disk space
Formats: VST, VST3

macOS 10.15 Catalina or later
Intel or Apple Silicon processor
A host application that supports 64-bit VST or AudioUnit
at least 52MB free disk space
Formats: AU, VST, VST3
Please note for users of FL studio: Turn on the ‘Use fixed size buffers’ option in the ‘Troubleshooting’ tab of the plugin settings.


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