psymmetrixDelay v1.2.4 Ked MacOS-DDP


psymmetrixDelay v1.2.4 Ked MacOS

DDP | Jan 01 2020 | 8.8 MB

psymmetrixDelay is a tempo synced delay, featuring LFO controllable pan & pre/post feedback filter stages, with buffer locking for extreme stutter effects.

1/128 to 1/8 note tempo synced delay
1 to 4 times delay time multiplier with triplet and dotted options
Up to 200% feedback level, with optional brickwall limiter
Feedback buffer lock for outlandish stutter effects
Multimode resonant filter switchable pre or post feedback with LFO
Mono feedback loop with adjustable pan position and LFO
Mix amount control for use as in insert or send effect


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