PlayerSpecz Free v1.0 WiN macOS [FREE]


PlayerSpecz Free v1.0 WiN macOS [FREE]

FREE | 9 March 2024 | 11.4 MB

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PlayerSpecz is our all new professional multichannel waveform audio player and visualiser!

Main Features
Fast & Light-Weight
Starts up swiftly.
Small memory footprint.
ASIO™ support.
All Formats
Bit depth up to 64 bit float.
Unlimited channels, multi-channel surround.
Reads most common audio types.

Many Visualizers
Fully zoom-able waveform display.
Spectrogram and spectrum analyzer.
Loudness graphs and distribution.

Professional Playback
Multi-mono file support.
Output mixing (solo/mute).

Extensive metadata support,
with many formats supported.

Keyboard shortcuts.
Editable toolbar.
Totally resizeable.

PlayerSpecz will run on most modern hardware:

We recommend 8+ GB RAM to run smoothly.
Internet connection for download and product activation.

Operating systems:

Mac: MacOS 10.16 → Sonoma.
Intel and ARM CPU’s supported natively.
PC: Windows 7 → 11
Intel Core i5 and AMD equivalent or better


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