Oz KONTAKT-ohsie


Oz KONTAKT-ohsie

ohsie | 27 March 2024 | 5.10 GB

Vintage Japanese Tonewheel Organ
Routed to Amps, Exotic Circuits And Speakers.


OZ is built upon the Acetone crown-jewel GT-7 presented through 5 mix-signals and a ton of effectuated variations. Not made for the organ-purists.

This e-organ boasted a two floor keyboard, true tonewheel, and a plethora of knobs and faders for commanding layer volume, instrument type, envelope, modulation, filter parameters and a fabolous sounding vibrato.

Tape echos, warp pedals, modular boxes, circuit bent toys and amps of all sizes and forms.

Equipped with upto five mix-tracks, OZ empowers you with extensive sound-shaping controls, granting the freedom to mold and transform the sound to your liking. With the “Glide” control slider, you can produce legato and portamento transitions.

The interface is simple to look at, easy to play, and with advanced options available behind every control

70 Patches
2969 Samples
Size : 5.58 GB
2 main parts normal & reception
normal patches has 5 signals
reception patches are recorded with amps and some cool hardware
normal RR and release samples on individual patches
Articulation switcher control by ks or cc
Arrhythmic unlimited sound sculptering
Adjustable custom ir reverbs
5 included signals – speaker, room, spring-reverb, mini-leslie and DI
Optional Random Sample-Start
Optional simulated round-robin from adjoining samples
Instantly sounds like it has come off a record

A vast library of unusual presets made from a vintage tonewheel organ. Recorded through amps and gritty warped hardware effects and tapes.

Half of the included patches are of a more experimental wilder nature.

load/save universal settings

magnify user interface

velocity curve option will help you adjust the instrument to your playing style. Organists might prefer “flat” velocity curve for the traditional organ sounds.

Articulations switching via KeySwitch or Midi-CC


Simulated round-robin option

The library is named after a legendary club that opened in Tokyo in 1972. A pioneering space for musical experiments.

articulation switching multi patches :
multi – drawbars
multi – reeds
multi – reiterate
multi – rejoice oz
multi – shorts
multi – theater brass


drawbars 2
drawbars 4
drawbars 8
modwheel for non vib to true vib
modwheel for swell
pluk clean belle
pluk clean intimate
pluk clean panang
pluk clean traveling
reiterate bikerride
reiterate trem
rejoice – and asunder
rejoice – btm and highs drawbars
rejoice – lobby
rejoice – the night i killed tommy
theater – brass non vib
theater – brass vibrato
theater – meaty orgoid

The second part of the library, called Reception, consist of patches coloured with tape-echos, amps and more amps + some exotic DIY hardware.

norm – 6as6
norm – a slow scan
norm – crisp radio mic [mw]
norm – drawbar 4 culture vulture
norm – goes on top
norm – lightdust
norm – oh nothing
norm – thin with sloppy tape
norm – through binson
refractions – electric harpies
refractions – globus
refractions – how to make love to a sound
refractions – lightheaded antennas
refractions – nebula
refractions – ocular chord
refractions – secretive
refractions – sneaky snuki
refractions – through the vanishing point
refractions – torsk [mw]
refractions – yummigum
rusty – antique band
rusty – bended with binson
rusty – brown rainbow
rusty – consequences [mw]
rusty – deductive reasoning
rusty – lofi bells ekkoing
rusty – nightlights
rusty – organ flautando
rusty – stitching
rusty – tapemachine soft overdrive
rusty – unfurled
rusty – we used to live here
short – and the flickering jewel
short – fz short [mw]
short – gitana
short – paste
short – right on schedule
short – turns into morning-pad
wrp – birds of parallax [mw]
wrp – elexir [mw]
wrp – into a distorted landscape
wrp – morgenstemning
wrp – pigmented pentagram [mw]
wrp – universe [mw]

Requires Kontakt v6.7.1+


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