OwnHammer 212 VC30 6-Pack Bundle

WAV / IRS – 44.1 – 48 – 96 Khz | 1 GB

“212 VC30” based on a Vox AC30/6 open back fawn 2×12 combo.


“BLU-93” based on 1993 Celestion Blue Alnico’s.
“CB-ALN” based on Celestion Creamback Alnico’s.
“GOLD” based on Celestion Gold Alnico’s.
“H30” based on pre-Rola Celestion 75 Hz G12H-30’s.
“M25-93” based on 1993 Celestion 6402 cone G12M-25’s.
“V30” based on a Celestion Vintage 30’s.

In addition to the single speakers listed above, the following pre-made complimentary speaker pair mixes are also provided:
BLUE+M25 • CBAL+H30 • GOLD+V30 • H30+CBAL • M25+BLUE • V30+GOLD


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