Optimum RnB Mixing Mastering Music Production TUTORiAL

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RnB Mixing Mastering TUTORiAL

FANTASTiC | 22 June 2021 | 1.75 GB

I know there are a handful of Mixing & Mastering courses out there but believe it or not, this is the only one solely focusing on providing you complete explanations and verbally detailed examples of why decisions are made, so you’ll have the ability to apply demonstrated techniques elsewhere.

Nothing About Your Mixing & Mastering Knowledge Is Assumed!

In fact, this course is for you if you agree with these 9 bullet points:

•The course follows the KISS Principle: Keep It Short and Simple
•Every Mixing or Mastering choice made is explained in clean, concise examples
•You need help to ‘hear’ better, rather than me just telling you the technical methods
•You’re able to progress through this course in a sequential manner
•You have access to the exact stem files used in the course, so you can start putting everything you learn into practice right away.
•Lectures are strategically organized and well-paced so you’re able to consume it easily
•The course has practical exercises, covers the basics, and gives In-dept explanation of concepts
•Lectures are 10-14min short and simple but packed with a lot of interesting info, so you won’t die of boredom.
•You’re able to message me and receive a response in 24hrs.

What I Guarantee You’ll Learn After Taking This Course:

•Mixing & Mastering: What it really means. When it’s time to use it. Where you have to use it. How it can benefit you. Why it will always matter.
•Plugins Overview: How to breakdown the plugins
•Learn to be Comfortable with Mixing & Mastering and using Plugins
•How to Mix and Master with 5 Major Effects from a Menu of Plugins in Minutes
•Learn to be comfortable maneuvering in FL Studio’s Mixer Interface
•The basics of dropping effects in your beat step-by-step
•How to Properly Export Fruity Loop Projects (FLP’s) Into Stems
•Organization of the tracks
•Thoroughly Mixing R&B Melody Stems
•How to make Micro Adjustments While Mixing and Mastering
•Leveling Melodies and Drums Professionally
•Mastering an R&B Project

Plus, if you ever have any questions please feel free to message me or start a discussion and I will respond to you in 24hrs or less!

See You In The Course!

LJ, Peace!


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