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The “412 TRAD” is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of a MESA/Boogie® Rectifier® Traditional 4×12 closed back cabinet.

The “V30-MB1” is based on and seeking to recreate the sound of 12 inch, 8-ohm, 55-Hz cone Celestion® T4335 Vintage 30 speakers made in March of 1993.

The Cabinet (412 TRAD)
“Measuring closer to (but not the same as) 1960B dimensions than 1960TV like the Rectifier® Standard, the Traditional cabinet has a focus more in the midrange than the top and bottom, and could be considered the more “even” sounding of the two by direct comparison. Utilizing a dado joint rather than floating baffle like the aforementioned British iterations, cabinets from this manufacturer make the enclosure more rigid via this construction method, which results in a slightly more direct sound with less cabinet ‘rattle’, which – subjectively – gives them a more “modern” tonality which many may use and deem more appropriate for more “modern” music.”
The Speaker (V30-MB1)
“The V30-MB1 is born of the first few years of production of the Vintage 30 speakers made specifically for Mesa. By contrast to the newer versions of this speaker, these older ones had more in common with pre-Rola cone characteristics when it comes to the top end response, and also have a more ‘vintage’ flavor to the midrange as well.”
The Combination
“This combination of this specific cabinet and speaker form a very organic, natural sounding pairing that can be suitable for a very wide style of musical genres and guitar tones, and function as a very malleable base from which to sculpt a sound.”

[Feature Set]
16 carefully and strategically placed single mic files
7 industry standard microphones:
57 – 87 – 121 – 160 – 414 – 421 – 84 (aux)
61 meticulously crafted proprietary multi-mic mixes
8 voicing variations per mic and mix file
industry leading capture techniques and presentation
major production/mastering grade signal chain

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