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NoteWorthy Composer is a software music composition and notation processor for Windows. It allows you to create, record, edit, print, and play back your own musical scores.

Features include:

*** Create Your Own Songs
Write your own songs, or transcribe existing songs, using the notation editor. The editor allows you to create notation in a manner similar to writing a document in a word processor. Add parts (staves), notes, text, lyrics, and symbols directly from the editor. A note palette is available for visually setting most note attributes, with optional keyboard shortcuts for note entry using only the computer keyboard. An Undo/Redo feature allows you to reverse up to 100 of your most recent changes.

*** Listen to Your Song
Songs can be played back via your computer’s sound card, or to external MIDI setups. Notes are highlighted as they are played, so you can follow along while the computer plays back your creation.

*** Make Your Own Custom Notation Objects
A built-in plugin system allows a variety of custom behaviors to be added directly to your songs.

*** Record Your Performance
You can use an external MIDI keyboard for real-time and step-time entry of your music. Use the record button to record a new performance while the current song is played, and then polish it in the notation editor. For step-time input, you can interactively input your notes remotely from a MIDI keyboard.

*** Printing
Print your whole score for a conductor’s view, or just the parts that you select. You can specify the notation size for fitting various arrangements on the page. Arrangements can be previewed prior to printing.

*** Supports Standard MIDI File Format
Use the interactive Import Wizard to load an existing performance that is contained in a standard MIDI file (*.mid). The performance will automatically be converted to notation, which you can then listen, edit, rearrange, and polish. The Export facility allows you to create standard MIDI files, which can be shared with others who do not have access to NoteWorthy Composer or its Viewer.

*** Transpose Parts into Other Keys
A transpose feature can be used to transpose parts from one key to another. Notes and key signatures are automatically updated to the new key. Support is included for instruments that are not tuned to concert C (A440) tuning via a second, audio only transpose mechanism.

** Operating System Requirements:
Windows XP SP3, Vista, 7, 8, 10

** Installation Instructions:
NoteWorthy Composer is installed using a self-extracting, self-installing program. You should simply run the program to perform the installation.

Once the installation begins, just answer the questions in the setup interview. After the install is complete, the help file can guide you the rest of the way.

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