NotePerformer v4.0.0 macOS


NotePerformer v4.0.0 macOS

macOS | 677 MB

NotePerformer is the Artificial Intelligence-based playback engine for musical notation.

• Full orchestral sound library
NotePerformer includes its own sounds, encompassing a large-scale modern symphonic orchestra.

• Intelligent musical phrasing
NotePerformer analyses your score and performs all instruments with natural musical phrasing.

• Simple installation and easy to use
NotePerformer is very easy to install, and is no more difficult to use than the built-in sounds of your notation software.

• High-end library support
‘NotePerformer Playback Engines’ hosts and applies our technologies to selected third-party VST3 libraries.

• Fast access to all sounds
No more waiting for samples to load while working with scores. Our streamlined sounds load much quicker.

• Patented virtual instrument technologies
We use our own in-house technologies, bridging the gap between samples and synthesis.

New in NotePerformer 4:

• Playback Engines
– ‘NotePerformer Playback Engines’ hosts third-party VST3 instruments; replacing our built-in sounds with selected samples by leading developers.
– It’s our unified solution for high-end notation playback — NotePerformer-compliant dynamics and articulation without the technical effort.
– The application is bundled with NotePerformer 4.


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