Noise Bleach v1.0.9 macOS-TRAZOR


Noise Bleach v1.0.9 macOS

TRAZOR | Jan 21 2022 | 6.3 MB

FKFX Noise Bleach is a mixing tool system with 8 channels noise gate, working on any kind of audio, like drums, guitar, bass, vocals.

FKFX Noise Bleach removes extra noise or unwanted resonances efficiently, turning any busy loop to its clearest version, and can also be used as a mixing expression tool, transforming a legato to a pizzicato with fast attack audio.

Feature List
• 8 Channel Noise Gate with Dynamic Matrix Threshold level for each band.
• 8 Solos for fine setting on each band.
• Noise Gate : automatically sets thresholds levels for a simple noise gating.
• Noise Bleach : automatically sets thresholds levels for a simple hard noise gating.
• Transients : automatically sets thresholds levels to extract the main transients.
• Gate Invert : reverses the gate opening to control the removed parts of the signal.
• Bypass.
• Latency Compensation : By default Noise Bleach uses Latency Compensation system which can be disabled in preferences for realtime live situation.


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