MuSiCX v1.03-UNiON

musicx v1.03 vst x86 win r2r

MuSiCX v1.03-UNiON

Team UNiON | 16 December 2009 | VST | 712 kB

MuSiCX (Multiband Sidechain Compressor & Expander) is a dynamic parametric equaliser with five adjacent bands separated by filters of 2nd to 20th order. Each of these bands’ envelope generators are controlled by pre-filtered signals of any track in a project. The routing between the tracks is done via internal host-independent side chains.

Problems solved:
– a side chain will be released now when the transmitting instance of MuSiCX is switched off
– the last buffer sent before a side chain was released was repeated in the receiving instace till a new transmitter took over the same side chain
– disabled sliders were not repainted correctly in the previous version when the editor was closed and reopened

v 1.02
– MuSiCX accepts midi program change messages
– new presets
– 8 sound programs instead of 4

Problems solved:
– sometimes the side chain signal received a wrong buffer when the host was writing to wave file
– the vu meters froze when the program was shut off or a band’s input was disabled
– the pre filtering of the “self” signal didn’t work in v 1.01

v 1.01
Problems solved:
– crackles and rare crashes with Live playing in a loop
– no audio output in Reaper


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