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FaderPro presents, “MUSIC, NO THEORY” an interactive music course with Bill Gordon (Madonna, Quincy Jones, James Brown)

Scales, Chords and Progressions and how they are used to make Hit Songs! For musicians, songwriters, remixers and producers at ANY level!

FaderPro presents….“Music, No Theory” with Bill Gordon

“Music, No Theory” is a course that focuses on the foundations of music. Where do melodies, chords and bass lines come from, and how are they used to make hit songs? “Music, No Theory” is an interactive music-making course for musicians, songwriters, remixers and producers at any level.

“Music, No Theory” teaches you the skills you need to break down any song into its fundamentals, and how to use that knowledge to create your own original music in any genre or style! Throughout the course, we start by examining simple songs, gradually making them more advanced. Watch and learn from the legendary pianist and composer Bill Gordon as he breaks down each song showing you every note along the way.

“Music No Theory” is practical and immediately useful, presented without the tired dreariness of most music “theory” courses. Learn music with you ears, hands and heart – without reading music! After taking this course, you’ll understand the musical elements that separate the great songs from the rest, and how to apply those insights to your own music.

About Bill Gordon: From working with such artists as James Brown, Barbra Streisand, Quincy Jones and Madonna in concert halls and recording studios around the world, to the classrooms of the largest audio school, SAE Institute, Bill Gordon has made music his career and a way of life. His passionate, down-to-earth explanations will help you take your music to an entirely new level. Nothing theoretical about it!

“Music, No Theory” was written by Bill Gordon and developed by Steven Lee & Vincent di Pasquale for Fader Pro, whose advanced learning videos and DVD’s have been recognized and used by producers and artist around the world. Fader Pro’s courses are designed for new or experienced remixers, producers, engineers and musicians who want to learn the inside secrets to producing music.

COURSE OUTLINE: SECTION 1 – Introduction: Bill Gordon Intro, What is Music, Pitch & Rhythm, Form & Genre, Instruments, Melody, Chords, Bass, Making Music

SECTION 2 – Pitch: Introduction, Naming Pitches, Memorizing Key Names, Middle C, Half Steps & Whole Steps

SECTION 3 – Scales: Intro to Tonality, Major vs. Minor, Varieties of Minor Scales, Relative Minor Scales, Parallel Minor Scales, Major Scales with Sharps, Major Scales with Flats, Visualizing Scales, Cycles of 5ths & 4ths, Key Signature, Other Scales & Modes, How Melodies Fit in a Scale

SECTION 4 – Harmony: Introduction to Harmony, Diatonic Intervals, Minor, Diminished & Augmented Intervals, Inverting Intervals and Harmonizing

SECTION 5 – Chords: Triads, Chord Inversions, Diatonic Triads in a Major and a Minor Scale, Harmonic Progression and Deceptive Cadence, Common Chord Progressions, 7th Chords & Diatonic 7th Chords.

SECTION 6 – RHYTHM: Intro to Rhythm, Sub-Dividing the Beat, Other uses for a Metroniome

SECTION 7 – REVIEW: Puting It All Togehter

SECTION 8: Conclusion

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