MTS-ESP Suite v1.14 Incl Patched and Keygen-R2R


MTS-ESP Suite v1.14 R2R

Team R2R | 2024.02.19 | 25.8 MB

A New Dimension In Composition

Until recently most music software only allowed working with the same 12 notes, equally divided over an octave. Whilst microtuning additions have broadened this considerably, it can still be cumbersome to get all plugins and external synths in tune, until now…

The MTS-ESP Suite equips composers with tools to get everything tuned quickly and accurately, as well as presenting entirely new compositional methods.

Change notes or chords whilst they’re being played, transpose all instruments at once or morph into an entirely different tuning system – the possibilities are endless. Discover more about tuning and get detailed visual representations in real-time, or simply get everything tuned correctly in record time.

The MTS-ESP Suite provides the computer musician with an intuitive toolset for rapidly composing and finessing microtonal pieces. Existing MIDI compositions can be easily converted to a different tuning system and given an entirely different emotional context. Working on new compositions is made nearly effortless.

Import and export .scl, .kbm and .tun tuning and mapping files
Create new tuning systems, manually and algorithmically
Control the tuning of your whole studio from within a single plugin
Retune any plugin or MIDI device with either MTS-ESP, MPE, MTS SysEx or MIDI pitch bend
Automate tuning changes across all plugins and MIDI devices
Visualize and compare tuning systems
Convert compositions from one tuning system to another
Create subset scales by analysing MIDI to only include used notes
Use a Novation Launchpad as a microtonal keyboard and chord player
Create tunings by ear and tune instruments with the built in synth
Zero-latency, low CPU use
Simple, ergonomic resizable interface
Mac Retina and Windows HiDPI support
Free, completely functional 30-day demo


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