MPC Expansion LoFi EDM XPN


MPC Expansion LoFi EDM XPN

XPN | 908 MB

MPC Expansion: LOFI EDM – 105 charming synth patches
No doubt: LoFi is the new chic. While hip-hop, chill and downtempo were the mainstays recently, the crisp sound has now reached harder paces like Trap and EDM, and will certainly not stop there! So there’s no need to worry about us providing you with 100+ patches of the finest material that will take its room in any mix with its massive rough but charming sound. Have fun browsing!

Product details:

1,13 GB of content
630 samples
105 keygroup programs
Audio previews
Compatible with Akai standalone models MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, as well as Touch, Renaissance, MPC Beats and Software


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