MPC Expansion Dark Orchestra XPN


MPC Expansion Dark Orchestra XPN

XPN | 570 MB

MPC Expansion: DARK ORCHESTRA – 52 dark symphonic patches
The drama of strings, the force of horns and the soulful playing of a piano do not only serve their purpose in cinema or classical music. Trap, pop and other electronic music styles also like to make frequent use of orchestral instruments. For us, this is reason enough to present you with your own ensemble, whose instruments we have not only given a rich sound but also more drama with the finest analogue equipment.

Product details:

672 MB of sample content
52 keygroup programs (9 atmospheres, 8 rumble basses, 3 drums, 3 guitars, 15 harps, horns & pianos, 4 pads, 10 violins & strings)
Audio previews
Compatible to Akai MPC One, X, Live, Live mkII, Force, Touch, Software, Beats and Renaissance


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