MIDIssonance Bundle for Omnisphere

P2P | 06 April 2020| 1.35 GB

Omnisphere Bundle is a collection of top quality sounds produced for Omnisphere 2.6 – includes all of MIDIssonance soundsets for Omnisphere 2.

Included are:

Omnisphere Symmetry
Omnisphere Mondo
Omnisphere Signalo
Omnisphere Kinejo
Omnisphere Movado
Omnisphere Tajdo
Omnisphere Kubo

Total number of patches: 974
Total number of custom soundsources: 256
Patches by category:
ARP + BPM: 370
Basses: 42
Leads: 45
Textures: 207
Pads: 165
Playable instruments: 77
Impacts & Hits: 45
FX: 23

To use Omnisphere Bundle, you need to have v2.3.1 installed (patch and software version). To install it, open Omnisphere 2 and from the Utility menu choose Install .omnisphere – see HERE

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