MeowMu Compressor v1.3.0 x64 VST3 WiN [FREE]


MeowMu Compressor v1.3.0 WiN [FREE]

FREE | VST3 | 5.80 MB

Variation of airwindows VariMu Compressor, In VST3

What it is for: nice vocal compressor.

After searching a bunch of other airwindows compressors, VariMu was suitable for attack time tweaking.
muMakeupgain is bypassed, and replaced output trim to Gain.
By multipling muAttack by 5, we can get attack time of 5ms & release time of 120ms at Speed = 0.6.
Less the Speed -> slow attack & release.
More the Speed -> fast attack & release.
So, this compressor might fall somewhere between Logical4 and VariMu.


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