Melodic Chords & Arps 2 Cthulhu Presets FXP

P2P | 01 March 2020 | 47.3 MB

Colour your music with a collection of advanced future, EDM & soulful chord progressions and arpeggiated patterns for Xfer Records’ Cthulhu.

Melodic Chords & Arps 2 – Cthulhu Presets is the follow up to the trailblazing 1st edition with the same name. Drawing on years of extensive music study and professional experience the ADSR Production team delivers a pack that goes even further than the original release in terms of complexity, creativity and practicality.

If you’re not well versed in music theory, have writers block, or find it difficult coming up with chords and programming melodic arpeggiation patterns then this pack is just for you!

Melodic Chords & Arps 2 takes full advantage of the vast features in Xfer Records’ Cthulhu, to deliver a whole spectrum of chords in labeled key groups for genres from EDM through Future Bass to Trap and Soul. Each preset contains about 4 groups of inspiring chords that are all in the same key making it easier than ever to come up with a fitting variety of chord progressions.

Flick the switch on Cthulhu’s arpeggiator and those chord presets become a melodic lead with tons of flexibility. We’ve even included custom arpeggiator presets that will give you even more flexibility and inspiration for a variety of electronic music styles.

Melodic Chords & Arps 2 – Cthulhu Presets comes with 100 chord presets and 50 arpeggiator presets that are guaranteed to inspire your productions to greater things.

Pack Contents:

100 Cthulhu Chord Presets
50 Cthulhu Arpeggiator Presets

Software Requirements:

Latest version of Cthulhu

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