Materials and Techniques of Post-Tonal Music (5th Edition) PDF

English | 2018 | ISBN: 1138714194 | 354 Pages | PDF | 32.2 MB

Materials and Techniques of Post-Tonal Music, Fifth Edition provides the most comprehensive introduction to post-tonal music and its analysis available. Covering music from the end of the nineteenth century through the beginning of the twenty-first, it offers students a clear guide to understanding the diverse and innovative compositional strategies that emerged in the post-tonal era, from Impressionism to computer music.

This updated fifth edition features:
– chapters revised throughout to include new examples from recent music and insights from the latest scholarship;
– the introduction of several new concepts and topics, including parsimonius voice-leading, scalar transformations, the New – Complexity, and set theory in less chromatic contexts;
– expanded discussions of spectralism and electronic music;
– timelines in each chapter, grounding the music discussed in its chronological context;
– a companion website that provides students with links to recordings of musical examples discussed in the text and provides – instructors with an instructor’s manual that covers all of the exercises in each chapter.

Offering accessible explanations of complex concepts, Materials and Techniques of Post-Tonal Music, Fifth Edition is an essential text for all students of post-tonal music theory.

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