Lo Fi Music Boi WAV-DECiBEL

Lo Fi Music Boi WAV-DECiBEL

Lo Fi Music Boi WAV

DECiBEL | 01 Dec 2020 | 202.7 MB

behold! 37 tracks of lo fi crackly wholesome electric guitar soulful goodness. recorded by me, timmy holiday, using a strange electric guitar built by an old man who lived in the village i grew up in.

played through a roland microcube and run through some secret lo-tech high sorcery mixing trickery, these tracks come with key centers and bpm labeled, in various different lengths ranging from 8 to 16 bars. 14 minutes of chill chords and tasty licks, these loops are suited towards chill lo fi and Oceanesque RNB.

lo fi sad bois rejoice.


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